Your social media money owed may be below surveillance

Have you ever had your suspicions approximately the profiles you come upon on LinkedIn, the social media platform wherein specialists meet? We are speaking approximately mysterious people with very high acquaintances, connections with very essential establishments or people. The U.S.-based Associated Press (AP) information agency compiled an editorial at the faux bills and possible risks […]

New Report Looks at Best Times to Post at the Major Social Platforms in 2019

Since the sunrise of social media marketing, manufacturers were trying to work out the mystical best time to submit, so as to maximize engagement, enhance attain and, ultimately, growth conversions. But here’s the truth – there may be no magical, one-size-suits-all, first-class time to post for every brand, on any social community. The fact is […]

How to Create a Social Media Report: A Step-by using-Step Guide

Creating reports is inherent to every social media management interest.  At first glance, it could seem like a simple ordinary mission – you pull your best numbers in a single spreadsheet, export facts from social media equipment, and placed all of it into your template (or borrow a model from someone else). Send the record […]

Our problem with social media

“I wish you die.” “You are disgusting.” “Scum.” “You are so ugly.” “Hell is waiting.” Those are only a few of the abusive comments social media influencer Dina Torkia obtained after she announced recently that she could stop sporting the hijab full-time. Earlier this year, the 29-yr-vintage British Muslim published a 47-minute, non-stop circulate of […]

Conor McGregor Announces Retirement on Social Media

LOS ANGELES (AP) — UFC movie star Conor McGregor introduced his retirement on social media Monday night, unexpectedly finishing his first preventing profession. In a summit on his proven Twitter account, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion said: “I’ve determined to retire from the sport officially known as ‘Mixed Martial Art’ nowadays.” The publish […]

Duncan Garner: Why we should all walk faraway from social media

OPINION: Social media is a twisted, evil little pest that controls our lives, dominates our world and I am struggling to look the most refreshing bit. It’s now not assisting us to be better humans. I saw a guy the other day crossing the road connected to his cellphone, and cars stopped for him. Had […]

How to Make Your Website and Social-Media Presence Bulletproof Against Algorithm Changes

It takes place almost every 12 months without fail: organic reach on social-media posts drop, and Google comes out with yet any other algorithm exchange that causes a decline in Web site visitors.  The motives for these updates are pretty pure. For social-media systems, it boosts revenue because it forces users to “pay-to-play” if they […]

What happens while social media now not cares approximately us?

The past few months have visible a flood of articles surrounding online journalism lay-offs, the destiny of digital media and the decline of journalism. And while this piece joins that developing the list, I write to pose the query: What happens while we can’t keep up with the demands of our social media structures? In […]

LinkedIn Pages: Know the Basics [Infographic]

Are you utilizing the whole functionality of your LinkedIn commercial enterprise page? There’s a heap of different capabilities, and most enterprise’ aren’t using them all – for instance, are you using Showcase pages? Are you tapping into your web page analytics to see which topics are resonating maximum along with your audience? As a reminder […]

YouTube is Scaling Back its TV-Like Programming Efforts

This is exciting – after announcing that YouTube TV was accelerated to reach ninety-eight % of US families back in January, YouTube is now reportedly seeking to reduce its authentic content material efforts, with competition in the sector proving too massive for the platform to benefit a foothold with its very own TV-like programming. As […]