Facebook Video has ended up a sensation. Particularly within the final five years when video content creation and distribution became less difficult – thanks to the proliferation of exceptional cell cellphone cameras.

However, with the recent announcement that Facebook has another time made changes to how video content material appears on users’ information feeds, it’s miles possibly we’re going to see the main alternate in how entrepreneurs and advertisers get their messages across.

With this news in mind – we’ve prepared some recommendations to help entrepreneurs live on pinnacle of these new modifications.
Keep it Short

There is no doubt that video content is the bread and butter of logo advertising and marketing.

According to Brandon Fargo of Brahvia Consulting, Facebook has been selling greater video content material by “pushing advertisers to awareness on creative and push out content this is the maximum applicable to their target audience and in short clips. They are finding that 15 2d movies that may be delivered on their structures, thru tales, instream movies, and Instagram are the handiest and fastest manner to get your message throughout on your target audience.”

Short clips are genuinely the manner of destiny because you want to cater to the ever-decreasing interest spans of clients. Short, sharp videos may be edited collectively quicker without you having to decrease the standards to your visible content. Yet, the amount of footage wished for an unmarried 15-2nd clip might be some distance much less compared to what you’ll need for a 5-minute video.

*Pro Tip – Keep an eye on the upward thrust of Cinemagraphs – a hybrid of photograph and video that performs on a loop. These are brief, arresting, and visually appealing. With Facebook’s new changes, Cinemagraphs could be an exceptional way to make sure that you get repeat viewership and completion prices.
Marketing Must Be Personal

Video content material may be taken over by way of marketers, however, it’s miles still inherently private, within the experience that, so one can hook up with your customers, you want a face that human beings can identify with. An honest man or woman whose customers can instantly like and relate to will promote your product some distance faster than the most excessive-production video money should purchase.

Stories are what sell to customers. If an advertiser has a notable tale, they don’t need to have 4K decision films or celebrities to promote the product. The tale does the activity for them.

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Matt Johnston, CEO & Founder of Guide Social, makes a superb factor approximately what advertisers frequently get incorrect about the manner video works in promoting products. “What you ought to really be focusing on isn’t always saving up $50K to make a crazy digital commercial in your logo, and rather awareness on what type of video content material will evoke emotion from your center audience. What will they emotionally reply to – because that’s why human beings purchase matters – they are moved to.”
Timing is Key

Emilia Picco writes over at Disruptor Daily: “The future of advertising and marketing is greater dynamic, more personalized, and greater applicable. The assignment for advertisers is providing this on a dime – handing over in real-time, pivoting speedy, and preserving fees low.”

Advertisers want to be on-fashion always if they want to reach their target market. The wide variety of folks who spend time on social media nearly any 2d of any given day is amazing. This is why advertisers need to keep their eye on the ball.

While many entrepreneurs assume that being on-trend calls for the ability to create logo-new content the instant an occasion takes vicinity, this isn’t proper. Content can be repurposed and repackaged to venture a new message or deliver a new call to motion. Not being capable of capture the instant isn’t an end result of now not gaining access to the proper technology – it’s more approximately no longer being able to suppose out-of-the-box about what you already have.
Views vs. Shares

You’ve put in the effort and time to create your video content but having the proper content material equipped on the right time will best get you up to now – you also need to get the message out as a long way and huge as possible.

The sort of views you acquire will have an effect on how Facebook treats your video content. You need tales that capture human beings’ attention but in case your videos preserve human beings engaged for one minute, Facebook will supply that video, and your page, extra weight. Bonus points if you can keep them engaged for three mins.

Plus, Facebook is now setting greater emphasis on how well your content is shared. With the brand new algorithms coming into vicinity, you need to shift your recognition from the view be counted to the proportion depend on your Facebook video content material as it’s not sufficient just to have excessive views.

The future of Facebook video advertising and advertising is changing, however, that’s how social media works. You want to be geared up to face those challenges and adapt your method hence because if you have a brilliant story, it deserves to be seen.

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