Can an ecommerce website launch in 2019 and get hold of organic search site visitors without one-way links? Most seek optimizers trust it’s not possible. I used to think the same. But I hold seeing evidence to the contrary.

Google these days launched “search engine optimization Mythbusting,” a YouTube collection. In the primary two installments, Google personnel downplayed the importance of constructing links to a site. However, web sites that carry out properly in search commonly have strong backlink profiles. So how does a new business compete?

I actually have some proper news.

Last yr, in “SEO: How to Win towards Giant Competitors,” I shared the charming tale of Fashion Nova, a retailer for girls that released its ecommerce website in 2013. By 2018, it had better natural seek rankings than many well-known brands, regardless of a miles weaker backlink profile. What it did have, however, became a strong demand for its logo call, as evidenced by Google Trends. I counseled within the piece that brand searches will be a top-notch proxy for the popularity of the web page.

I wrote, “Put yourself in Google’s role. Imagine seeing a large seek call for for a website with a long way fewer hyperlinks than further searched competitors. It makes sense to rank the consequences to meet searchers’ expectancies in place of counting on historical one-way links.”

In this publish, I’ll describe Shapermint, any other new, exceptionally-ranked ecommerce corporation with few one-way links. The corporation, which sells female shapewear, launched in 2018. According to a put up on Reuters, the enterprise recorded $50 million in sales in just 9 months!
Traffic Sources

I commonly use SimilarWeb to understand what channels force site visitors to an internet site.

For Shapermint, the primary visitor’s drivers are social media web sites, followed via direct visits, after which seek. Within the social channel, Facebook debts for the maximum visitors; YouTube is 2d.

The bulk of naturally seek site visitors is from queries at the emblem call, Shapermint. This is regular with the Google Trends chart.

So, it appears Shapermint is efficaciously branding its site on Facebook, which is outwardly using a large wide variety of searches for the organization name on Google. But, what sort of content material drives branding and viral boom? Let’s test the website and social media bills.
Compelling Content

Shapermint constructed a community of extra than 1 million customers in much less than a year and additionally secured write-united states of America with top courses. The corporation has a compelling marketing message and coordinated public relations.

On Instagram, Shapermint launched a viral marketing campaign underneath the hashtag #ThisIsMyTruth, which resonated with many girls. Instead of showcasing pics of stunning fashions, Shapermint encourages its audience to proportion photographs without the use of shapewear.

The company’s message — there shouldn’t be a want for our products — is original and is without a doubt running.

Shapermint’s ads on Facebook and Instagram use the same #ThisIsMyTruth hashtag. And the advertisements use actual people — now not fashions. Thus the company encourages girls to just accept their bodies even as implicitly encouraging them to purchase shapewear.

Shapermint’s Instagram ads use the equal #ThisIsMyTruth hashtag as its viral campaigns, as do the Facebook advertisements.

Shapermint’s Instagram advertisements use the same #ThisIsMyTruth hashtag as its viral campaigns, as do the Facebook ads.

Few Backlinks, Many Keywords

Fashion Nova and Shapermint proportion of fundamental advertising and marketing strategies. First, they attend on a narrow, disregarded demographic. Second, they rely on social media to unfold the message.

How does it translate to organic search rankings? According to Ahrefs, Shapermint has just 371 linking domain names. But it ranks for an impressive 17, six hundred key phrases — in much less than 365 days.

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