Pixel three and Pixel 3a are Google’s most modern smartphones that are continually first in line to obtain sparkling Android software updates.

Every month Google releases new protection patches for the cell running system that address known vulnerabilities, shielding users from dangerous gadgets consisting of malware for instance.

The American tech giant has already launched the Android July 2019 protection patch for the Pixel three and Pixel 3a that fixes a number of susceptibilities for each.

It is worth noting the replace has additionally arrived for all older Pixel devices and the Essential Phone.

Google has specific every constant vulnerability on its Android Security Bulletin – one of the most notable of which changed into stated to be gift inside the software’s media framework and could allow a “remote attacker” to execute arbitrary code on a centered tool.

Explaining the susceptibility, the Mountain View company stated: “The maximum excessive vulnerability on this phase should allow a far off attacker the use of a specifically crafted document to execute arbitrary code in the context of a privileged process.”

While Google’s post discussed some of the other vulnerabilities, it’s far really worth noting the American tech company has emphasized it has had “no reviews of energetic client exploitation or abuse” surrounding them.

With that said, it’s far nonetheless counseled owners of gadgets which have been granted the brand new patch, together with the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3a, download it as a priority.

In addition to solving a number of problems with Google’s operating gadget, the Android July 2019 security patch additionally brings a number of enhancements to the Pixel three and Pixel 3a collection.

First and fundamental, the American tech massive has said the replace improves music detection and while customers say “k Google”.

Such an upgrade ought to make the Pixel’s signature “Now Playing” feature, that identifies nearby song similar to Apple’s Shazam app, more correct.

Moreover, Google has also declared the July patch “improves” the Pixel three and Pixel 3a’s onboard Titan M chip devoted to security.

Finally, the Pixel 3 and Pixel three XL had been noted to benefit from restoration for “some gadgets getting caught” whilst turning them on.

A full list of enhancements to the Pixel three and 3a may be observed on Google’s modern-day Pixel Update Bulletin.

If you haven’t already received a spark off to download the brand new security patch, Pixel proprietors can attain it manually be heading to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update.

Google updates its algorithms pretty regularly. In fact, if we visit Google’s algorithm update records, it is easy to note they roll out new updates a couple of instances a month, and numerous times a yr. Some updates include easy changes inside the aesthetics of the quest consequences page, while others include the introduction of the latest ranking elements.

We all understand acting search engine optimization on a website is non-stop paintings, a routine. Actions made these days will simplest mirror in your site visitors down the street, and it takes endurance and endurance to continue.


Things out of our control can appear and ruin all of the methodical and day by day work we’ve finished for our internet site’s SEO: the drastic modifications in Google’s algorithm!

Does That Mean I Should Change My SEO Strategy Every Time Google Releases a New Algorithm Update?

While it is right to take note of those updates, you shouldn’t fear to have to alternate your entire search engine marketing campaign.

Google Algorithm updates represent new rating possibilities and standards that SEOs have to observe, that’s why search engine marketing is a non-stop strategy.

So, Why Does Google Update Its Algorithms So Frequently?

Google constantly releases set of rules updates for you to keep its incredible on-line marketing and seek offerings. Several things can go wrong whilst jogging a business online, inflicting it to close doorways all of sudden.

When this happens to a brick-and-mortar shop, it is simple to look they’ve formally closed down; however, how are you going to tell if an online commercial enterprise is still running or now not?

That’s wherein “Bots” come in!

Google has “crawling robots” that pass round coming across and examining web sites 24/7. If Google bots can not get in your internet site, it’ll in no way be indexed. This approach if Google can not see your website content, then it might not rank your website both.

You can avoid all this strain by means of acting technical search engine marketing strategies to ensure your internet site is visible to crawler Bots, hundreds at a speedy speed, and depicts a real illustration of your logo photograph.

Once your website is discoverable, Bots will analyze the format and shape of your commercial enterprise, indicating how Google must be evaluating and ranking your internet site. Clues consisting of breadcrumbs, based markup and sitemap can assist guide the Bots thru your content material, pointing out the maximum important pages and blocking off the ones Google shouldn’t do not forget.

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